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Dan Kimbrough

Producer and Audio Engineer

Dan Kimbrough, a leader in the media landscape, has passionately shaped narratives for over two decades. As the Founder and Owner of Park MultiMedia, he's propelled media creation to new heights, producing award-winning video, audio, and photographic content. His dynamic portfolio showcases an unparalleled breadth of work, from directing commercials for businesses to pioneering podcast platforms, including the influential Business Builder show and hosting his own podcast, Systemic.

Awards adorn Dan's career, a testament to his indomitable spirit and creative prowess. Recognized by esteemed bodies like the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and The Telly Awards, Dan has consistently excelled in various roles. From creating the "Taking up Space Film Festival," a BIPOC film festival with Scranton Fringe to his work with ESPN, his versatility and breadth of experience stands out.

Beyond accolades, Dan is a community-focused media force. Whether coordinating local meetups or teaching future media professionals, he embodies the essence of storytelling that transcends screens. With an unwavering dedication to impactful media, Dan Kimbrough continues to redefine the boundaries of creative expression, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and the communities he touches.


Dan Kimbrough
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